Moms Unlabeled

Research that goes deeper to provide a more nuanced portrait of mom.

The “Single Mom” is a growing demographic segment. During the 1960-2016 period, the percentage of children living with only their mother nearly tripled from 8 to 23 percent.

57% of Millennial moms are single moms and 40% of babies born in the last 8 years were to a single mom. Single mothers are everywhere and their numbers have been steadily rising for thirty years. And they are buying homes, shopping, planning meals, active on social media but despite their growing numbers, single parents still have to contend with lingering misconceptions about what the experience is really like. Through our own methodology, we got a deeper understanding to help marketers:

Marketing that shows up and stands for her and shows the diverse and unique woman who is also a mom. 

Marketing that makes her feel deep emotional resonance. It inspires something in her.

Marketing that solves an unmet need and adds meaningful value.







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