Bravo is bringing June Cleaver back from the dead and we’re not having it.


Bravo recently announced a new reality TV show where “women and their families will be transported back into a traditional decade where men made the money, women made the home, and teenagers actually did as they were told. In living through the ‘golden age’ of Sixties family life, the cast will discover if more time spent together, traditional husband and wife roles, and no digital distractions might actually improve their chaotic lives and even fix their relationships,” according to The Wrap. 


The last thing modern Moms want is to go back to the “golden age” when they were told their only goal in life should be to have a clean home, a smile on their face, and dinner on the table by 5pm. That’s why we started our advertising consultancy, June Cleaver Is Dead. Because we think this archetype and the repressive views she represents should stay dead.

So, here’s our solution to any brand whose ad is stuck in rotation on this show. Avoid brand suicide by downloading this lower third copy to slap on your TV spot:

Dear Viewer,  WE DIDN’T PICK THIS SHOW. Due to audience targeting our ad ended up here. PLEASE don’t associate our brand with BEING THIS COMPLETELY TONE-DEAF. While it may be fun for ‘REALITY TV’ to undo 60 years of social progress just to ‘watch what happens’,* we at (_________________) your favorite brand of (___________________), would like to DISTANCE OURSELVES as far from this show as possible. Like, other galaxy far. How did this get greenlit? SMH. 🤦‍♀️**

* This won’t pass network clearances
** If you want to create advertising that resonates with Moms, contact us.


Chad Kukahiko