AD/JUDICATED: Yoplait's Mom On! TV Campaign



Judgment knows no bounds when it comes to motherhood. It’s piled on by friends, family, other moms and even strangers — because of course the random lady in the grocery line needs to remind mom that “breast milk is healthier” when she sees her cart stacked with formula. It’s a problem that Yoplait attacks head-on with their “Mom On” campaign. And while I can relate to the sentiment of their anthem TV spot “You’ve Got This, Mom On!”, the additional TV executions put my authenticity radar on high alert.

Overall, the campaign employs a heavy dose of sarcasm to give the proverbial middle finger to those who judge moms. Starting with, “You’ve Got This, Mom On!”, moms throw unapologetic shade at the “high and mighty” in scenarios they’ve been shamed for. The mom who breastfeeds in public, the working mom, the stay-at-home mom, the mom who uses formula, on and on — these are scenarios where many moms have felt judged. Even the product tie applies with a nod to moms being food-shamed for giving their kids what they like, regardless of the ingredients.


“You’ve Got This, Mom On!”


In addition to this well-executed TV spot, Yoplait carried the theme that “moms are over mom-shamers and don’t care what you think,” across additional TV spots. Although, these have a more overt product tie-in and lack the real-world insight that the TV campaign grew from.

“Oh Hush, It’s Just Yogurt”


In this commercial, Yoplait pokes fun at the judgment parents receive for letting their kids “run wild,” giving them “too much independence.” The attempt to connect “running wild” and raiding the fridge for yogurt feels like a stretch. If my kid is going to go crazy and raid the fridge, they are not reaching for yogurt. Also, when did giving your kids choices about the food they eat and encouraging independent thinking become something that is frowned upon?

Moms love it when brands stand for something more than just the product they are selling. When done well, it helps build brand preference and affinity. But making this connection can be challenging to do while retaining authenticity — which also matters to moms. This campaign started strong, based on a universal truth, but then fell into the gray as Yoplait tried to connect their product to something it wasn’t naturally tied to.


“Powerful Custard, Indeed”


The next commercial continues down this inauthentic path, with a confusing nod to online-mom-shaming. The scenario suggests that because this girl is eating Yoplait custard for breakfast that she’s set up for a life of high standards and disappointment. Then the mom makes a “wink, wink” comment about this being “powerful custard.” This silly scene is at odds with the powerful stance celebrated in “Mom On.” It trivializes the tough personal choices that moms have to make, like whether to work outside of the home or feed their baby formula, by putting all of these topics into the same conversation. Choosing to give your kids custard for breakfast hardly carries the same weight.

Brands need to be relevant to their audience. They need to resonate with consumers on a deeper level. And to do this, they also have to be consistent. Consistent in tone and authenticity. Yoplait started strong with “You’ve Got This, Mom On!” but the additional TV executions, while build on the same real mom insight: moms don’t want to be judged by other moms for their parenting choices, did not hit the same level of authenticity which watered down an otherwise powerful message.