AD/JUDICATED: Putting the “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me” in “Me Time”



Okay, let’s start with the positives. Cute sweater.

Also, the insight of finding “me time” is valid. Moms often put themselves last, so finding little breaks for yourself is a big deal.

But moms’ lives are not so pathetic, simple or out of control that digging a spoon into a small plastic cup of something creamy is all we need to “escape.” A yogurt does not equal a spa trip, girls weekend or 15 uninterrupted minutes alone on the toilet. Now, THAT is an escape.   

And even if it was an escape, having your toddler Jackson Pollocking all over your ultra-modern, mostly white living room pretty much cancels that out.

Sure, kids will do that stuff. That’s real. But no mom (even one who doesn’t want to squelch her child’s precious creativity) would sit idly by, curled up on her $20,000 Roche Bobois couch and catatonically stir brownie chunks into her yogurt while her child defaces a painting right in front of her.

That’s stress time, not me time. Cause who’s gonna clean up the mess/child when this brownie-flecked reverie is over? Not the bachelor who lives in this house. (Because obviously, no child really lives here.)

I’d give this a 1.5. Somewhere between Old Gross Sandwich and Dirty Sock, right in the middle of insulting and ignorable.

I might try the yogurt, though. That looks kinda good.