AD/JUDICATED: Alien Imposter Parents Steal Baby in Buick Commercial




When making this Buick spot, I wonder if a mom involved in the production process said, “Hey, let’s turn that car seat around because babies should be rear facing until they are two years old.” I’m pretty sure one did. Maybe her comment was dismissed because it would be hard to shoot. Maybe it was ignored because nobody’s really that uptight about baby safety. Maybe someone thought it just wasn’t that important.

As an advertising creative, I totally get it. But, as a mom of a toddler, they lost me at forward-facing car seat.

Sure, it’s a small detail. It’s also just one of the nonsensical decisions that made me wonder if these good-looking people are new parents or, instead, alien body-snatcher imposters.

Let me explain with another questionable, alien-imposter parent decision: the 4:30 a.m. drive. Why do Alien Parents think Baby will sleep in this car? It’s their family car — the car seat is installed, they have clearly driven it before.  Don’t they know Baby will go ape sh*t and be too excited to sleep? And, more importantly, what human parent hears their baby cry for two seconds and immediately decides — time to go for a drive at 4:30 a.m.? These alien body snatchers are cray.

The advertisers also lost me in casting and story. They cast Alien MILF Mom as minimalist scenery while mischievous, helpful Alien Dad takes the spotlight. Not even Alien MILF Mom’s perfectly tousled hair reads baby mama to me.

At the end, we see Alien MILF Mom in her sparkling kitchen in front of a stove that looks suspiciously unused. (Did alien technology make those perfectly fluffy eggs?)

Baby and Alien Dad are asleep at the table so Alien MILF Mom gives a laugh. It’s as if she’s saying, “HAHAHA Baby’s naps are totally going to be screwed for the whole day!” Alien MILF Mom finds this hilarious. Because, of course, he’s not really her baby.

If I were to rate this ad, I would give it a 2 — Ignorable. While there is nothing inherently offensive to moms, there isn’t much relatable either. Marketers turned a truth into something that is contrived and, with repeat viewing, irksome.

Someone, please rescue that baby!