Tenets of Marketing to Moms



Be authentic

Moms overwhelmingly support companies whose values align with their own. When a brand I like supports a cause I’m into, shows inclusivity, or makes a bold progressive statement, I’m an instant Super Fan. Target’s education grants or their inclusion of plus-sized women in ads are great examples. Or when I learn a company treats their community and employees well, it makes me feel good about giving them my money and brings me back for more. Especially when it’s unexpected or doesn’t feel like a sales gimmick.


Avoid clichés  

I recently came across an article that was titled, “There are 10 types of moms, which one are you?”, which compelled me to feverishly read on with excited curiosity, hoping for the true validation I’ve been searching for since the birth of my first child… nope, definitely not true.

Tiger mom. Helicopter mom. Soccer mom. Pinterest mom. Free-range mom? Being typecast makes me cringe and I’d venture to say other moms agree. We aren’t one-dimensional. Our unique needs and pain-points speak more to what drives us to purchase than thin generalizations.


Be where she is

Every night at 10pm with my phone in-hand, I spend at least 30 minutes putting items that my family wants, needs, or just ran out of into my shopping cart and deleting them off my to-do list. It makes me feel productive and I sleep better because of it. Research shows I’m not alone. This level of convenience is required by moms. If they can’t get it on their smart phone, you might miss out. Bonus points for fast shipping.

  • Moms are 58% more likely to shop on their mobile phone compared to the general population. (MediaPost)
  • 46% of moms use search engines during their purchase journey (Think with Google2014/2015 The Consumer Barometer Survey)
  • Spend 100% more time online each month than gen population. (MediaPost)


Be useful or entertaining

When’s the last time you heard a mom say, “I have so much spare time on my hands I don’t know what to do with myself!” Yeah, me either. So what are you providing that is worth our time? Help me be more productive, smarter, or make me laugh – like the “New Pet” TV spot from Scrubbing Bubbles. Yes, it’s pushing another cleaning product to mom, but it was delivered in a way that made me laugh out loud, and the brand name stayed with me. Simply put, brands who win with moms are able to demonstrate they understand how valuable our time is.